What people are saying about Meebie...

“I have had Meebie for 10 years and Meebie has never needed a stitch. Meebie gets a lot of rough treatment…and gentle too. Meebie still looks like new.” — Ann Beckley-Forest, LCSW-R, RPTS

“… My clients truly like Meebie and it has been extremely useful. The children are drawn to it … In one family session, a child placed the yelling mouth (as he called it) on Meebie and the family spent the rest of the session discussing Mom's yelling.”
— Trudy Post Sprunk, LMFT-SLPC-SRPT-SCPT-SEMDR Certified and Board and AAFMT Approved Supervisor, LPCA Registry of Supervisors, President, Georgia Association for Play Therapy

“… I must say that thankfully Meebie is quite durable! Meebie was thrown all around the room. Another child used Meebie to have a sword fight … ”
— Sara Werner, MALPCRPT-S, President, Minnesota Association for Play Therapy

“Hello I just wanted to sing the praises of Meebie. I bought it at the APT conference in Nashville and have used it with a child for my play therapy practicum--I am a grad student--It worked excellent! Thanks!”
— Amanda Shinn Patterson, Student

“I love Meebie and so do the kids.”
— Ilene Scharf, LCSW

“The response to Meebie has been very positive. They are naturally attractive and appealing to children and adults. We are finding them useful in many ways. The speech therapist and I offered a workshop to teachers on using Meebie for speech/language development, teaching social/emotional skills, sensory processing and comfort to anxious children.”
— Greg Roper PhDNCSP, Psychologist, Early Childhood Department, Asbury Park Public Schools

“Mommy, does Santa Claus know about Meebie?”
— Five year old girl

“Meebie is a great tool in the Play Therapy Room! Children naturally gravitate towards him (her) to express their feelings without saying a word. Adults and children are both drawn toward Meebie.”
— Sara Werner, MA, LP, RPT-S, SEP, CenterLife Counseling

“The therapists have really enjoyed using Meebie in their therapy sessions.”
— Letty Faller, MSCCC-SLP, Director of Rehabilitation Services, Fraser and Fraser Child and Family Center

“I have used Meebie as a way to start talking about emotions and as a tool for role play and critical thinking about empathy. For example, after a child has chosen the sad face we will talk about what made Meebie feel sad (i.e. someone pushed her) and I will help the child brainstorm times he/she felt sad. After that we will talk about how we could make Meebie feel better (i.e. give her a kiss). Then we can role play giving Meebie a kiss and change her face to a happier one. I have also used Meebie for role playing getting angry by pretending to take Meebie's toy and having the child tell me how that might make Meebie feel, again followed up by how can we make her feel better. I have also used Meebie for helping children learn action words. The children can make Meebie run, jump, clap, sleep, kick, etc. while they are using these vocabulary words.”
— Andrea, speech-language pathologist, Fraser Child and Family Center

“When I use Meebie, I find it to not be intimidating to the children even though it is large in size. I am finding that the kids are really enjoying the activities that I do with Meebie. An added bonus is that it also works on fine motor and hand strengthening if I have the kids peel the parts from the Velcro. It is great for working on body part ID and such as well.”
— Rebecca M. Hall, OTR/L, Fraser Rehabilitation

“I knew he would be a hit when I found him at your booth at the International play therapy conference in Toronto. The kids in my therapy practice gravitate toward his softness and their ability to express without using words. Recently in trying to help an adoptive dad understand the deep loss his new daughter was experiencing … it only took one look at Meebie who had a smile on his face with tears falling from his eyes, and a bandaid on his heart … for him to truly understand the depth of pain and loss his new daughter was experiencing (4 years old). Thanks again for a wonderful tool … ”
— Kristen Kimm, MSWLMSWRPT-S, Registered Play Therapist Supervisor