Imagined by an Artist, shaped by Play Therapists!

Meebie blossomed from an idea to make it easier for kids to express emotions in the way they know best: play. The challenge included creating a toy that kids would love, was faithfully rugged ... and a little quirky.

Play therapists -- professionals who work with children to resolve traumatic experiences using the child’s language of play -- swiftly adopted Meebie into their practices. As kids gravitated to Meebie, therapists evaluated, thoroughly tested, and ultimately helped form the dependable, endearing Meebie of today.

Biggest compliment? Not only do therapists rely on Meebie in their offices, they bring Meebie home for their own children and grandchildren.

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The details

Big, soft, purple, and furry, Meebie toys are globally appealing to children of any race, culture, ability, gender, or language. Beautiful and tough, the removable pieces let kids or grown-ups change Meebie’s facial expression to create any kind of emotion.

Meebie can take kids' daily ups and downs, and big challenges, too.

  • Kids love Meebie’s soft, squishy, pillow-like body.
  • With Meebie, kids of all ages express feelings, learn about emotions, are comforted, build confidence, develop empathy, and enhance language and motor skills.
  • Teachers and therapists love Meebie.
  • Meebie and all parts are intentionally basic, so kids can apply what is meaningful to them. Brilliant!
  • With Meebie, feelings expression and identification support mindfulness and social-emotional learning.
  • Emotional expression, understanding and conversation are supported by reading the book Meebie has Feelings alongside play with Meebie.
  • Meebie measures 21" from head to seat.
  • Meebie is extremely durable, made to last for many years of robust play.
  • Play PackTherapy Pack, Listener Pack, and other accessories are available separately for even more options.
  • We take safety very seriously. Meebie and all parts meet and exceed the U.S., U.K., European, Australia, and New Zealand toy safety testing standards.
  • Meebie and all parts are washable.

For children ages 3 and up.

Some Ideas for How to Use Meebie