The Meebie App for iPad is available in the Apple iOS App Store.

3 Meebie App screenshots

How to Use Meebie App

  • Shrink and zoom the pieces using thumb and forefinger.
  • Rotate pieces using your two forefingers.
  • Erase pieces by triple tapping.
  • Collect several feelings, print pictures, and make a feelings poster.
  • From “Photos” on your iPad, you can send feelings pictures to your computer to file by feeling or client.
  • Albums can be made within “Photos” to sort pictures right on your iPad.
  • Craft it – Make personalized games:
    • Feelings Match Card Game – Shrink finished pictures on your computer, print out two of each, adhere to cardstock, trim to size.
    • Puzzle – Print out picture, adhere to cardstock, lightly draw puzzle pattern onto image, cut out puzzle pieces with a craft knife.


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